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A collage of screenshots, highlighting the desktop version of the Photonsap website's homepage


Fully responsive, multi-page marketing website for a photo-sharing app. I used HTML5, CSS Grid and SASS/SCSS for styling, as well as TypeScript for the areas that required interactivity, such as the toggling of the mobile navigation.

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Project Background

This project was a front-end challenge from Frontend Mentor, and was by far the largest in scale I have attempted to date (totaling four pages). Attempting this project greatly enhanced my CSS Grid skills, the primary layout method used throughout the site. This was also my first attempt at creating and styling HTML tables, a task which tested my ability to adapt my approach to accommodate their idiosyncrasies. Finally, I was able to recreate a more advanced form of animation for the mobile navigation toggle, where the hamburger icon would rotate into a cross upon interaction.

Static Previews

Screenshot of the desktop version of the Stories page, showcasing a range of user's photos and stories including a wide angle shot of a snowy mountain range taken at sunrise A collage of screenshots highlighting the mobile version of the homepage

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