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A collage of screenshots highlighting the desktop version of the Pomodoro timer application, featuring the main clock display and settings modal to allow changing of the active timer amount, colour scheme and font


A single-page timer application that allows the user to set a timer and visually see the remaining progress via a circular bar. Built in React using TypeScript, functional components, React's Context API, Styled Components, as well as making use of Reducers for state management and a mobile-first approach.

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Project Background

This project required me to build out a timer application that allows users to change the active timer amount, as well as the current font and accent color. The progress bar provided a great challenge in manually creating the circular SVG, as well as updating the amount visible as the timer decreased. I made use of several custom hooks, ranging from storing data in Local Storage to allowing users to close the active modal window by clicking outside of its box. I further used a combination of Memo and Refs to control the rendering of components depending on when certain pieces of state would change. Finally, I learnt how to implement a range of utility types in TypeScript, allowing us to properly type check any logic that our Higher-order components pass on via props.

Static Previews

Screenshot of the desktop version, featuring a purple accent color for the circular progress bar and button backgrounds A collage of screenshots highlighting the mobile version of the homepage and settings modal

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